Meet the Board

The Eleanor Grace Memorial Foundation is a deeply personal endeavor for our family.  To ensure its success and alignment with our values, we have carefully selected a board to reflect our family bonds and closest friendships.  Our board members are all native St. Louisans who are dedicated to enriching the city, including expanding the reach of St. Louis Children’s Hospital to those who may not live in the region.  They bring to the table a wealth of experience in different fields, all of which benefit the foundation.  Beyond their experience, it’s worth noting that they are very cool people. We are lucky to have them:


Ellie Braun – Executive Director, Eleanor Grace Memorial Foundation

Mike Braun – President, Elite Construction Solutions  

Jessica Butz – Traveling nurse, RN, BSN, MHA

Joe Devereux – Shareholder, Sandberg Phoenix 

Susan Devereux – Retired teacher

Jennifer O’Keefe – Staff VP of Digital Experiences, Centene Corporation

Tom Schmidt – Owner, Salt + Smoke

Caitie Zimmerman – Director of Vendor Operations & Finance Services, Core & Main