Ellie Braun

Ellie Braun was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. She attended Visitation Academy for high school and later pursued her undergraduate degree in psychology at Santa Clara University. After spending a few years in Chicago, she returned to St. Louis to attend law school at St. Louis University. 

After nine years of practicing law, when she was pregnant with Eveyln and Eleanor Grace, she made the difficult decision to take some time off from her career to focus on her pregnancy and the well-being of her unborn babies. 

The loss of Eleanor Grace profoundly impacted Ellie, leading her to shift her focus towards the happiness and well-being of her family, especially her living daughters, Lucy, Emma and Evie. In the wake of her personal grief and a global pandemic, she decided to turn her personal loss into a dedication to help others who are going through similar heartbreaking situations with babies with CHD.

In early 2023, Ellie established the Eleanor Grace Memorial Foundation. Through this non-profit organization, she hopes to help families who are navigating the difficult journey she once walked, while creating a legacy for Eleanor Grace.