Our Mission

The Eleanor Grace Memorial Foundation is dedicated to providing housing and support for pregnant women and families from out of town who have infants suffering from congenital heart disease (CHD) at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. Our mission is to eliminate the burden, expense and logistics of travel by providing a safe, comfortable and affordable home-away-from-home near the hospital, the Heart House. 

Our foundation is based on the belief that financial instability or lack of housing should not preclude parents from experiencing precious time with their babies. The Heart House enables families to focus on bonding with their babies, celebrate precious moments, and make the most of their time with their baby, especially in cases where the child may not survive. When the child is expected to survive, we believe that strong family support has a transformative effect on the well-being and development of babies with CHD. For those families, the Heart House enables parents to actively participate in their babies’ care and provide love and support, ultimately giving their babies the best chance at a healthy future.