Jennifer O’Keefe

After graduating from Georgetown University, Jennifer started her career at a startup IT firm in Washington D.C., where she led the product development team. While on the east coast, she lived in D.C, New York City and then Bethesda, Maryland before deciding to return to St. Louis, her hometown, to raise her growing family.

Jenny’s current position is as Director of IT at Centene Corporation. She is a seasoned product leader with a wealth of experience in envisioning strategic big picture goals and skillfully executing them. Throughout her professional journey, Jenny has consistently demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities and a deep understanding of the ever-changing landscape of IT. Her ability to adapt to emerging technologies, coupled with her strategic mindset, has earned her recognition and respect among her peers and colleagues. 

Beyond her successful career, Jenny is happily married to her husband, Kevin, who she has three daughters with: Lilly, Molly and Meghan. When she’s not working or spending time with her family, you’ll find Jenny in the kitchen baking delicious treats for her family and loved ones.